Chanute Lodge was instituted on August 6, 1902, with 38 charter members. J.N. McDonald was the first Exalted Ruler.There have been three State Presidents from Chanute, Raymond Friederich (1974-75), Herb Matlock (1997-98), and Frank Springer (2005-06).

Floyd Harrison is the current Exalted Ruler and Frank Springer is the Secretary. Chanute is the largest Elks Lodge in Kansas with over 540  members and growing.

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Our Values 

  • Charity
  • Justice
  • Brotherly Love
  • Fidelity 

Charity is the greatest of all the virtues. It should ever rule us in our hearts and in our lives. It is the cornerstone of every Elk structure and the highest virtue of every Elk creed.

While Justice is not vindictive, it is exacting. The first lesson it teaches is that of duty and obedience to constituted authority.

Brotherly Love finds its perfect expression in our motto - "The faults of our Members we write upon the sand, their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory."

Fidelity implies faithfulness in the discharge of our duty as members of society, respect for virtue, and love of family and home and friend.


Chanute, Kansas

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